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  • BDSS-IGERT Trainees, 2017-18

    The final class of BDSS-IGERT Trainees (2018). Robbie Zuchowski (Sociology & Demography), Amy Zhang (Statistics), Steve Morgan (Political Science), Mark Simpson (Geography), Sara Francisco (Sociology), Brittany Freelin (Criminology), Claire Kelling (Statistics), Shipi Dhanorkar (Informatics), Michelle Nixon (Statistics), Xiaoran Sun (Human Development & Family Studies).

  • BDSS-IGERT Trainees (2012)

    First cohort of trainees for the BDSS-IGERT program (2012). Jennifer Mason (Geography, now @ U Arizona), Muhammed Idris (Political Science, now @ Concordia U), Beatrice Abiero (Health Policy, now @ Ipsos Public Affairs), Molly Ariotti (Political Science, now @ U Georgia), Josh Stevens (Geography, now @ NASA), Stephanie Wilson (Human Development & Family Studies, now @ SMU), Mo Yu (Informatics, now @ Google)

  • Center for Social Data Analytics (C-SoDA)

    In 2019, the College of Liberal Arts launched C-SoDA, the Center for Social Data Analytics.

  • Program in Social Data Analytics

    The Program in Social Data Analytics offers a B.S., dual-title Ph.D., and doctoral minor. For more information visit the "Undergraduate" or "Graduate" sections of the website.

  • C-SoDA Speaker Series, Yu-Ru Lin, 2019

    Yu-Ru Lin (University of Pittsburgh and Facebook) presents research on spatiotemporal forecasting of human activity. C-SoDA hosts presents distinguished speakers engaged in social data analytics research in academic, industry, and public sector settings.

  • Research Rotation Poster Session (2014)

    BDSS-IGERT Trainees present their research rotation projects (2014). C-SoDA now hosts such poster sessions to showcase interdisciplinary SoDA student research.

  • Michelle Torres - 2018

    WashU PhD student Michelle Torres (now Assistant Professor at Rice University) presents her image analysis research at the 10th New Faces in Political Methodology Conference (2018).

  • New Faces in Political Methodology, 2019

    Five of the 2019 New Faces in Political Methodology -- Sarah Shugars (NU), Desmond Wallace (Iowa), Therese Anders (USC, top), Rachael McLellan (Princeton), & Pedro Rodríguez (NYU) -- cap off their visit with a trip to the shrine.