"Data is the ultimate roadmap, and job candidates who can navigate it are poised for success.”

-Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer, Neustar Inc.


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Big Data in the News

Creating Better Cities with Big Data

"Smart Cities," a new White House initiative will invest over $160 million in technology and data collection to help local communities tackle key challenges such as reducing traffic congestion, fighting crime, fostering economic growth, managing the effects of a changing climate, and improving the delivery of city services. Read More

Peering in on the Polls with Big Open Data

Fiscal Note, a Washington D.C. company, is using big data analytics to track the behavior of legislators and the movement of legislation in all 50 state houses and in both houses of the Congress. Read More.

Improving Government Programs with Social Data

President Obama issued an Executive Order directing government agencies to use behavioral data to improve the effectiveness of their programs. Read More

How ‘Big Data’ Can, and Can’t Predict Suicide The Veterans Administration and the National Institute of Health teamed up to create an algorithm that allows clinicians to identify veterans at risk for suicide. The predictive model developed through data mining the VA’s clinical records is based on common information collected by health care agencies and thus could be applied to civilian suicide prevention as well. Read More

Big Data Can Spot Unemployment before the Government Can Phone and social media records indicate changes in employment status that can predict economic trends more quickly than traditional methods. Such methods could enhance the quality of economic decisions and the timeliness of interventions. Read More

Can Big Data Help to End Poverty? Mobile phone use captures information about people’s daily lives that sheds light on sources of poverty and suggests possible interventions. These records also allow agencies to assess the effectiveness of their poverty alleviation programs. Read More

Text Analytics: The Next Generation of Big Data Text analytics offer valuable information to companies about their customers’ preferences and motivations. Business can listen to their customers' social media conversations, discerning attitudes and feelings as well as topics, by applying these techniques. Read More

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