"Data is the ultimate roadmap, and job candidates who can navigate it are poised for success.”

-Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer, Neustar Inc.


Job Opportunities

Employment & the Job Market for Social Data Analytics Majors

As businesses and governments increasingly establish strategies and make decisions on the basis of data, they need employees who know how to handle, analyze and communicate with and about large and complex bodies of information. Some Social Data Analytics majors will use their analytics skills directly as data scientists for companies seeking new markets, improved work flows, more effective marketing strategies or better investment climates. Others may work for government agencies such as the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, and the Department of State, forecasting political change and coordinating resources to improve human health and security. Graduates will also be positioned to shape public policy to secure individual privacy and access to information, as it catches up with the growth of data and technologies to analyze it.


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has positions available on its Data Science Team. Read more

The articles listed below describe the job market, highlight the skills that effective use of data requires, and showcase applications of data science to the public sector.

Big Data: Big Impact on the United States Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics presents the employment outlook, academic preparation, and challenges of working with big data in this short analysis. Read More

A survey of technology leaders by top British recruiting firm identifies big data analytics as the # 1 most needed skill among employers - six times higher than the next most scarce skill. Read More

In May 2011, McKinsey Global Institute reported, "A shortage of the analytical and managerial talent necessary to make the most of Big Data is a significant and pressing challenge (for the U.S.)". Read MoreA more recent report published in July 2013 identifies big data as one of 5 "game changing" factors in the American economy. Read More

Effective Application of Big Data Requires Vision and Insight

Data literacy is an increasingly necessary - and powerful – tool for management. However, data driven management requires the expertise to know which questions to ask. "Big data's power does not erase the need for human vision or insight," but it favors managers who know how to understand and communicate with data. Read More

Data literacy and proficiency in applying data to decisions are becoming fundamental skills in a wide variety of fields. Read More

Big Data in the Public Sector

Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil describes some of the ways the US Government has embraced data science. Read More

Australia, a global leader in applying big data to the public sector, outlines its strategy and vision for tapping the potential of big data to reshape government. Read More

In a 2013 survey of over 100 government agencies worldwide by Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services, 81% saw big data as a resource for reducing government spending, improving services and reducing threats to their communities. They also identified lack of expertise as one of the factors that prevented them from realizing its potential. Read More

Big data is a resource for improving local government as well. The New York City Mayor's Office describes how data analytics have improved government efficiency and fairness. Read More

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