BDSS IGERT Summer Externships

Summer externships, required for the BDSS IGERT program, give trainees unique opportunities to work in real world environments, providing the opportunity to work and collaborate with researchers in private industry, government labs, non-profit and academic groups, the summer externship program yields not only experience but can result in job opportunities and future collaborative projects.

Recent examples:

Beatrice Abiero (HPA/DEMOG):  US Census Bureau;

John Beieler (PLSC): Caerus Associates;

Wanghuan Chu (STAT): Google;

Cindy Cook (STAT): Scitor;

Muhammed Idris (PLSC): Harvard Institute of Quantitative Social Science;

Chris Inkpen (SOC/DEMOG):  Pew Research Center;

Rachel Koffer (HDFS): German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin;

Fridolin Linder PLSC): Data Science for Social Good;

Jenny Mason (GEOG): Univ. of Illinois Chicago with Dr. Shannon Zenk;

Jonathan Nelson (GEOG): Strava;

Joshua Snoke (STAT): ADRC-Scotland, School of Geosciences, Edinburgh Bioquarter;

Sam Stehle (GEOG):  Oak Ridge National Lab;

Stephanie Wilson (HDFS):  The Family Institute, Chicago, IL; 

Mo Yu (IST): IBM Almaden Research Center;