BDSS-IGERT team releases Comparative Networks Dataset

BDSS-IGERT team releases Comparative Networks Dataset

Comparative Networks Dataset

A Penn State team of students affiliated with the Big Data Social Science IGERT and the Program in Social Data Analytics (SoDA) has announced the release of the Comparative Networks Dataset

The website contains documentation and download links for a dataset currently comprising 304 social and biological networks that have been curated in such a way as to facilitate comparative studies of these networks. Where applicable, networks are accompanied by node-level covariate data, and detailed metadata is also available for each network. In particular, we have hand-coded each network into one of a small number of broad categories (exchange, friendship, biological, etc.) to facilitate comparison within and across types of networks. These networks are drawn from a number of sources, all of which are documented in the metadata, and are available as R Lists of sociomatrices, iGraph objects, and network data objects compatible with the Statnet suite of R packages. They report:

Our goal in developing this dataset and website was to improve access to large numbers of network datasets in a common and well documented format. A number of previous studies have looked at samples of networks, but have often only relied on sources the authors are aware of, and involve re-collecting and reorganizing existing network datasets. We believe this represents a great deal of wasted effort, and this project was designed to prevent this sort of wasted effort in the future. In service of this goal, we are actively looking for additional contributors to this project and dataset. If you have network data or know of additional network data sources that could be included in this dataset, please email and we would love to have your collaboration on this project.

The student team consists of:

Cassie McMillan (PhD Student in Sociology, Demography, & Social Data Analytics; BDSS-IGERT Trainee). 
Sayali Phadke (PhD Student in Statistics & Social Data Analytics; BDSS-IGERT Trainee).
Mitchell Goist (PhD Student in Political Science and Social Data Analytics; BDSS-IGERT Affiliate). 
Matt Denny (PhD Student in Political Science and Social Data Analytics; BDSS-IGERT Trainee).