Carolynne Hultquist

Carolynne  Hultquist

Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University (2020-)

PhD, Geography (SoDA Graduate Minor) (2019)

BDSS-IGERT Fellow, Cohort 4 (2015-2017)


Archived bio:
Carolynne is a PhD candidate in the geography department and social data analytics specializing in fusing GIS and Remote Sensing to better understand complex environments. Her research involves machine learning, geospatial technologies during hazards, energy, and complexity science. The goal of her graduate research is using computational methods for spatio-temporal analysis and modeling of human impacts from natural disasters. She received her M.S. Geography degree at Penn State for her thesis involving validating radiation measurements around Fukushima by comparing citizen science, government data, and models over space and time. She believes it is critical to recognize the benefits and limitations of environmental and social data from various geospatially enabled technologies.


Social Data Analytics:
Graduate Minor PhD Student
PhD Candidate