(Historic) BDSS-IGERT Leadership

The Big Data Social Science IGERT (BDSS-IGERT) was started under funding from National Science Foundation IGERT Grant #1144860, which was awarded to 

  • Burt Monroe (Political Science), Principal Investigator
  • Lee Giles (Information Sciences & Technology), co-Principal Investigator
  • Melissa Hardy (Sociology), co-Principal Investigator
  • Alan MacEachren (Geography), co-Principal Investigator
  • Aleksandra Slavkovic (Statistics), co-Principal Investigator

From 2012-2018, the IGERT was led by Burt Monroe acting as Director, Christopher Zorn (Political Science) acting as Associate Director, and a Executive Committee composed of Monroe, Zorn, Giles, Hardy, MacEachren, Slavkovic, and Nilam Ram (Human Development & Family Studies). In Fall 2016, Bruce Desmarais (Political Science) served as Acting Director while Monroe was on leave.

The IGERT Executive served as the initial Program Committee for the Graduate Program in Social Data Analytics.