Alan MacEachren
Alan MacEachren

Alan MacEachren

Professor of Geography
Director, GeoVISTA Center
Graduate Faculty and Program Committee (2015-2019), Social Data Analytics
C-SoDA Faculty Affiliate
Alan MacEachren
Social Data Analytics

Professional Bio

Alan MacEachren, Professor in the Geography Department at Pennsylvania State University, directs the GeoVISTA Center, an interdisciplinary geographical information science center. GeoVISTA emphasizes research in visualization and visual analytics together with the spatial database, geosemantics, cartographic, human factors, and cognitive science research needed to leverage the growing wealth of geospatial data in support of scientific and societal needs. MacEachren’s own research roots are in cartography and spatial cognition. His current research interests cover a wide spectrum of GIScience topics. These include: geovisualization and exploratory spatial data analysis, geovisual analytics, geosemantics, and geocollaboration. Applications domains to which his research connects include public health, crisis management, homeland security, and environmental science.