The Center Program

SoDA is the integration of social scientific, computational, informational, statistical, and visual analytic approaches to the analysis of large or complex data that arise from human interaction. SoDA merges social science and data science to improve our ability to learn from social data. The mission of the Center for Social Data Analytics (C-SoDA) is to support science at Penn State that advances the state-of-the art in computationally and/or data intensive social research. We are organized along three broad sub-missions. The first is to facilitate and amplify faculty and student research programs that feature a SoDA focus. The second is to broaden and diversify the community of scholars who are engaged with, and engaged in, SoDA research. The third sub-mission is to, in close connection with the undergraduate and graduate programs in SoDA, integrate undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral scholars, into the SoDA research community at Penn State. Analytics.