• BDSS-IGERT Trainees, 2017-18

    The final class of BDSS-IGERT Trainees (2018). Robbie Zuchowski (Sociology & Demography), Amy Zhang (Statistics), Steve Morgan (Political Science), Mark Simpson (Geography), Sara Francisco (Sociology), Brittany Freelin (Criminology), Claire Kelling (Statistics), Shipi Dhanorkar (Informatics), Michelle Nixon (Statistics), Xiaoran Sun (Human Development & Family Studies).

  • BDSS-IGERT Trainees (2012)

    First cohort of trainees for the BDSS-IGERT program (2012). Jennifer Mason (Geography, now @ U Arizona), Muhammed Idris (Political Science, now @ Concordia U), Beatrice Abiero (Health Policy, now @ Ipsos Public Affairs), Molly Ariotti (Political Science, now @ U Georgia), Josh Stevens (Geography, now @ NASA), Stephanie Wilson (Human Development & Family Studies, now @ SMU), Mo Yu (Informatics, now @ Google)

  • Center for Social Data Analytics (C-SoDA)

    In 2019, the College of Liberal Arts launched C-SoDA, the Center for Social Data Analytics.

  • Program in Social Data Analytics

    The Program in Social Data Analytics offers a B.S., dual-title Ph.D., and doctoral minor. For more information visit the "Undergraduate" or "Graduate" sections of the website.

  • C-SoDA Speaker Series, Yu-Ru Lin, 2019

    Yu-Ru Lin (University of Pittsburgh and Facebook) presents research on spatiotemporal forecasting of human activity. C-SoDA hosts presents distinguished speakers engaged in social data analytics research in academic, industry, and public sector settings.

  • Research Rotation Poster Session (2014)

    BDSS-IGERT Trainees present their research rotation projects (2014). C-SoDA now hosts such poster sessions to showcase interdisciplinary SoDA student research.

  • Michelle Torres - 2018

    WashU PhD student Michelle Torres (now Assistant Professor at Rice University) presents her image analysis research at the 10th New Faces in Political Methodology Conference (2018).

  • New Faces in Political Methodology, 2019

    Five of the 2019 New Faces in Political Methodology -- Sarah Shugars (NU), Desmond Wallace (Iowa), Therese Anders (USC, top), Rachael McLellan (Princeton), & Pedro Rodríguez (NYU) -- cap off their visit with a trip to the shrine.


    Welcome to the web home of Social Data Analytics (SoDA) at Penn State!

    The Program in Social Data Analytics offers an undergraduate major (B.S.), a dual-title Ph.D. and a doctoral minor in Social Data Analytics. Visit the Undergraduate or Graduate sections of our website to learn about application, requirements, career possibilities, and more!

    The Center for Social Data Analytics (C-SoDA) was launched in 2019 by the Penn State College of Liberal Arts to support research and education campuswide in Social Data Analytics at Penn State. Visit the Research, News, and Events sections of our website to learn more about what's happening at C-SoDA!

    The SoDA degree programs and C-SoDA were developed out of Penn State's NSF-funded Big Data Social Science (BDSS) IGERT PhD training program that ran from 2012-2018, and its precursor, the Quantitative Social Science Initiative (QuaSSI) that ran from 2004-2018. Visit the BDSS-IGERT section of our website to learn more.