BDSS IGERT Research Rotations

BDSS IGERT Research Rotations

BDSS IGERT students are required to participate in research rotations during the two years they are in the program. We are looking for faculty, labs, and projects to host such rotations if they have projects that would or might fit the big data and social science aspects of the program’s core mission.

The IGERT trainee and interested faculty host will need to provide the following to the program coordinator ( for review by the BDSS IGERT Director, Burt Monroe:

Provide a description (<2pp) of the proposed rotation project(s).  Within your description, please provide the following information about the proposed research rotation.

  • Proposed research host.
  • Proposed IGERT Trainee(s)
  • Other faculty / research staff involved in project.
  • Other doctoral students involved in project.

Within your description, please address how the project involves, or is of relevance to, core components of the BDSS-IGERT mission:

  • Social data
  • Social science
  • Big Data / analytics / data science / computational / informational science

Please also describe the publication strategy. (The ideal project has a plausible strategy for the production of scientific products — data, software, presentations, posters, publications — that are of professional use to the Trainee and can be associated with the BDSS-IGERT mission. This may require novel strategies for interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary publication, and is most plausible if the project team is multidisciplinary and has a history of engagement with BDSS-IGERT.)

Please be aware – the following are joint obligations of the research rotation host and Trainee:

  • Regular meeting, at least biweekly, of the host and Trainee.
  • Brief monthly report to BDSS-IGERT, signed by both host and Trainee.
  • Given other demands on Trainees, the rotation is the equivalent of a 10 hour / wk research assistantship.
  • Trainee (with host involved) will be expected to present a poster (midyear) in the IGERT poster session and to be prepared (in Spring) to make a formal presentation in the seminar series.
  • All scientific products produced even partially from the labor of a funded IGERT Trainee will acknowledge the IGERT as follows: “This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under IGERT Grant DGE-1144860, Big Data Social Science.” All scientific products will be reported to BDSS-IGERT and copies provided.
  • Continuation of any research rotation is at the discretion of the IGERT Director.