Daniel DellaPosta

Daniel DellaPosta

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Data Analytics

Graduate Faculty, Social Data Analytics

C-SoDA Faculty Affiliate

502 Oswald Tower


I study network dynamics in political, economic, and organizational contexts. Most broadly, my research focuses on how interdependent actors collectively shape social structure. I am especially interested in how network structure shapes—and is shaped by—social expectations, norms, and attitudes. I work with data from historical sources, surveys, and the web using a combination of network analysis, statistical modeling, and computational methods. While addressing diverse empirical and theoretical puzzles, my research features a core focus on the mechanisms giving rise to intergroup cooperation and conflict, political and attitudinal alignments, and economic organization. 

My work has been published in the American Journal of SociologySocial ForcesSocial Networks, and several other outlets. My research has also received awards from the American Sociological Association's sections on Economic Sociology, Mathematical Sociology, and Rationality and Society, as well as the Academy of Management's division on Organization and Management Theory.