Liying Luo

Liying Luo

Associate Professor of Sociology and Demography
Associate Director, Center for Social Data Analytics
Liying Luo


Liying obtained a Ph.D. in Sociology (2015) and an M.S. in Biostatics (2011) from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Prior to joining Penn State, Liying was an Assistant of Sociology at the University of Delaware.
Center for Healthy Aging
Institute for Computational and Data Sciences
Population Research Institute

Professional Bio

Liying studies how social change, and population processes interact with social institutions such as schools and family to produce inequality and health disparities over the life course. She also examines distinct patterns and trends in social, demographic, and health outcomes among sociodemographic (e.g., gender, racial/ethnic) groups. Methodologically, Liying has developed a novel model for determining age, time periods, and cohort patterns in various outcomes such as cognitive functioning, health behaviors, mortality, and substance use.  Supported by the National Institutes of Health, she recently designed a new intergenerational mobility model and a multigenerational approach for estimating the effect of cumulative exposure to socioeconomic and contextual disadvantages across multiple generations in a family on health disparities.