"Data is the ultimate roadmap, and job candidates who can navigate it are poised for success.”

-Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer, Neustar Inc.



Research Using Big Data

Penn State political scientists are conducting exciting research projects that provide opportunities for students with skills in social data analytics. Our faculty are:

  • Examining gender and racial bias in public policy based on patterns detected in internal government communications;
  • Investigating human rights abuses through analysis of tens of thousands of digitized human rights documents;
  • Scrutinizing trends in U.S. Supreme Court opinions through the use of text analysis to identify prevalent words and themes;
  • Using computer models to simulate insurgencies and counterinsurgencies in order to understand acts of terrorism; and,
  • Analyzing print and broadcast media stories to study the impact of media on public attitudes toward the economy.

Students are supporting these projects by collecting and analyzing data, coding text, and developing computer code for cutting-edge analytics software.

Be sure to check back often for more information about faculty research projects and for information about student research opportunities!

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