C-SoDA Core Personnel

Committees: C-SoDA Core Personnel


Professor of Political Science, Social Data Analytics
Director, Center for Social Data Analytics [C-SoDA]
Head, Program in Social Data Analytics [SoDA]
Director of Graduate Studies
William and Monica DeGrandis-McCourtney Early Career Professor in Political Science

Associate Director

Liying Luo
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography
Associate Director, Center for Social Data Analytics

Administrative Assistant

Jodi Guy
Administrative Assistant, Center for Social Data Analytics
(814) 867-2720

Postdoctoral Fellows

Predoctoral Research Associate

Muhammed Kafi Cifci
PhD Student, Political Science & Social Data Analytics
C-SoDA Student Affiliate
C-SoDA Predoctoral Research Associate (2022-23)

Research Assistants

No associated faculty/staff